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About Prescott

Prescott Primary Northern, established in 1973, provides a warm, caring environment where all children can learn to relate positively to students, staff and other adults. It recognises the uniqueness of each individual and priority is given to helping every student develop socially, spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically to the fullest extent possible.

Prescott Primary Northern is a Christian school. The teachers are dedicated to encouraging students to develop a love for God, a love and acceptance of other people, and a healthy self-esteem.

Prescott Primary Northern is a registered coeducational school receiving Commonwealth and State recurrent grants, and is a member of the World Wide Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education System. While the school functions within the framework of an Adventist world view, it is open to all students, regardless of religious beliefs, whose attitudes are compatible with the school’s conservative social values. All students are expected to maintain the school’s standards as a Christian institution through their behaviour.

There are three Prescott Schools in Adelaide:

  • Prescott College Southern is in Morphett Vale
  • Prescott College is in Prospect
  • Prescott Primary Northern is in Para Vista.


Where is the school?

The school is situated in a quiet and safe environment at:

354 Wright Road, Para Vista, 5093
Phone:   8396 2577       Fax:   8396 2017



How to get to Prescott Primary Northern?

Students travel by car, private school operated buses and public transport.
If you would like specific information regarding the school’s bus service contact the bus supervisor: Mrs. Janet Nightingale  Phone:  8396 2577.


Size of Prescott Primary Northern

Prescott Primary Northern is proud of its size.  The 350-380 students enjoy the advantages of close personal contact with the teachers and students.  We have the advantages of a family atmosphere, personal care and additional academic challenges to stretch the brightest of children.  Where possible, individual attention is given to each child and as the need arises differentiated curriculum tasks are provided. 


School Hours

School begins promptly at 8.55am and ends at 3.15pm on Monday to Thursday.  On Friday the finishing time is 2.30pm.