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Academic Excellence


Our school is proud of its high academic standard and pleasant learning environment. We expect that children who are accepted into our school will maintain the high standards which set our school apart from many others. The school’s academic program has enabled many students to participate in national contests and to be high achievers in high school and in their chosen careers.


The school follows curricula based on the guidelines as set down by the Australian Government.  The school also follows the guidelines set out by the Adventist Schools Australia, the Education Department of the Seventh‑day Adventist Church in Australia. Implementation of the SDA Curriculum across the school will provide all students with a sequential curriculum that guides their learning, as well providing measures of learning achievement that allow students, teachers and parents the opportunity to assess student performance against achievement standards in the Australian Curriculum.


  • All full time staff make up the Curriculum Reference Committee and are responsible for determining areas of need and focus subjects for a particular year. The School Principal or Deputy Principal is the chair of this committee. Meetings are held at least twice a term, in upper, middle and lower groups of staff.
  • Whole school professional development opportunities will be provided, as well as personal professional development plans developed that cater for the needs of each staff member.
  • The strategic plan will incorporate audits of existing curriculum areas and will require faculties to modify courses of study to achieve consistency.
  • Student achievement will be measured and reported to students, parents, and the wider community against achievement standards in the Australian Curriculum.
  • All staff will participate in the collection of student achievement data, and all staff will have input into school direction decisions resulting from interpretations of student achievement data.
  • A detailed Scope and Sequence has been formulated for each class. Teachers are required to follow these in preparing Programs of Work to ensure the children experience continuity in their education.
  • Individual teacher interpretation and scheduling of the Scope and Sequence are drawn‑up each year by staff as official school "Programs of Work".
  • The following areas are taken care of by specialist teachers:  Music, Computing, Library, Languages Other Than English
  • The following areas are discussed each year and a program developed to meet the current school needs:
    • Special Needs Program
    • English as a Second Language