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Prescott Primary Northern has maintained a balance between educational innovation and effective traditional methods of teaching.

Our curriculum includes:-

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology  and Computing
  • History
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Creative Arts (Art/Craft, Drama, Music)
  • Language --  French


Further learning areas include:

  • Bible

Bible is a subject which promotes Christian values and an Encounter with God.  Bible is a subject that promotes the development of faith in the lives of the children.  The daily Bible stories are drawn directly from the Bible.

  • Music

Music is part of our school curriculum. Private music lessons are currently available at the school.  We have a range of music instruments to choose from.  These include piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and drum lessons.  Lessons need to be arranged with the appropriate music teacher.

  • Choir

Students in year levels 3 to 7 have an opportunity to join our school choir.  The school choir has a number of performances each year. 

  • Computer Studies

The computer lab is equipped with PC computers.  A weekly class is conducted for all years from Reception to Year 7.  Many children get permission to do extra work on the computers to enhance their presentations.  With careful teacher supervision all children can access the internet.  The work the children do in their classrooms is integrated into this area of the curriculum.

  • Library

The library is well equipped with an extended selection of books as well as charts, DVDs, educational periodicals and teaching kits.  This ensures that both children and teachers are kept up to date.  The work the children do in the classrooms is integrated into this area of the curriculum.


Feel free to contact your child's classroom teacher to discuss the specific curriculum for each year level.