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Information Technology

Information Technology plays an important part in students learning here at Prescott Primary Northern. Students attend a 45 minute computing lesson each week.

These computer lessons aim to intergrate student learning in the classroom and link it into the computer classes while learning important computer skills.

Students will become familiar with and learn:

- Logging in and off the computer

- Kid Pix 3D graphics program

- Microsoft Programs - Word, Publisher and Excel

- Internet Research and researching skills

- Cyber saftey awareness program

- Kodu

- Type Quick - Typing Program

- Encarta Kids

- Inspiraton 6

- Green Screen- filming and editing

- Paint 4

In addition to a weekly computer class, classroom teachers also utilise the second computer lab for additional classroom learning, research and the use of the online Mathletics program.

As of 2015, iPads and Surface Pro 3's are being introduced to the classroom as a day to day learning tool.