A School Where People Matter

It is common these days for schools to highlight their facilities and how these assist in delivering the important curriculum requirements as prescribed by the State. Building programs appear be the norm in all schools as schools scramble to attract potential customers. Prescott Primary Northern is looking at refurbishing some existing facilities and building new ones. However, recent research has shown that what parents want in their child’s school are a couple of significant things that rate even more highly than new facilities. The first is for a school where parents can raise issues or concerns without being seen as whingers. A place where they can express themselves without being labell


On Monday the 24th September, a group of students from our Chess club travelled to Tyndale Christian School to play in the Term Three Inter-school Chess Tournament. It was a tough competition with over 110 students representing 13 schools, 5 of these were High Schools! Students learned some new skills in persevering when playing Year 12 students! Prescott performed very well to achieve 2nd place, congratulations to all players, particularly Haithem, winning best Primary School player of the day and 4th overall. Well done, team!

Back in Time

On Monday, the year 2 classes went on an excursion to the Old Highercomb Hotel Museum. We had a great time learning about life in the past, and were surprised to learn that the building had been a hotel, then a school and post office! We played some old fashioned games like quoits and horse shoe throwing and looked at what an olden day home would have looked like. We had a great day despite the rain!

Building Your Children's Future

American author, Brian Herbert, once said, "The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice." Just ponder on those words for a moment. As I reflect on this quote, I am grateful that we all have the gift which is the capacity to learn. As we grow and mature, the skill to learn also grows, matures and changes. However, the willingness to learn is not always enthusiastically embraced. Learning and moving forward and out of our comfort zone can be rather daunting at times and because of this, we may shy away from learning. A way to push beyond this fear, to truly embrace learning, is to celebrate learning. One of my favourite parts of my job

An Insight into Migration in Australia

On Tuesday, Year 6 headed for the Migration Museum. In groups, students were historians and curators as they experienced a multimedia presentation and put on white-gloves to investigate, research and record the lives of several South Australians and their immigration stories. The learning was rich as it allowed the students a deeper understanding of what has been sacrificed by many to come to Australia, which has been explored this term in an integrated unit.

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