Year 7 Prescott College Orientation Day

Prescott College held an Orientation Day for Year 7s to experience secondary schooling before they commence Year 8 next year. They participated in several classes: Science with Ms Bradtke- the paper helicopter experiment - exploring different outcomes by changing variables; Phys Ed with Mr Vera - the girls and boys learned some fundamental skills with a team building game called Tchouk Ball; Woodwork class with Mr Crisp involved following process and procedure to assemble a clacker, using a jig and hand tools - the end result was noisy and fun! Food technology was spent with Ms Ludlow, where they enjoyed making and eating some delicious pizza! They made new friendships and found other studen

Official Covered Outside Learning Area Opening

We have our Official Opening for our Covered Outdoor Learning Area here at school beginning at 11:45am tomorrow. Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham (Minister for Education and Training Senator for South Australia) will be visiting to PPN to officiate this opening. Mr Tony Zappia, Federal Member for Makin and Mrs Frances Bedford, State Member for Florey, and other distinguished guests will be attending this opening. Our school community can view the program live on our school Instagram account: @prescottnorthern

Having Fun While Getting Fit!

The aim of Physical Education Week is to promote the importance of Health & PE in Australian schools. At PPN, students have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that encourage physical activity in a fun and exciting way. Students and staff have also been encouraged to choose healthy food options. Some highlights so far have included the Sports Houses Running Challenge, Tchoukball taught by Prescott College Students, Super Hero Training and Minute to Win it activities organised by Fitnessworxs. Thank you for supporting PE Week 2017.

A Journey to the King

I️ was talking to a friend last night on the phone and told her I️ was out of ideas for what to write in the school newsletter. You could almost hear the smile in her voice as she excitedly announced that I️ could start writing about Christmas. At the same time, you could almost hear my groan. You see, to understand this discussion, you need to know a little about my friend and I️. Firstly, my friend is a big romantic- you know, the kind that sees love and romance as this beautiful petal of a flower that all in the world can rejoice in? And secondly as often goes hand in hand with these romantic types- she’s also heavily into the festive seasons. I️, on the other hand, am neither a romantic,

Install Resilience in Your Children

“Resilience has proven to be one of the most important factors in predicting success as an adult. The ability to bounce back, regulate emotions and cope with stress are key traits in a healthy, functioning person. Resilience also helps prevent anxiety and depression. It is something we need to be instilling in our children. As a child’s first educators, parents can’t leave it to early learning centres, pre-schools and schools to develop their child’s resilience. It’s something that parents need to be constantly developing. Building resilience is not a program, but should be an approach or mindset that guides your parenting. Here are five principles/ideas that you can easily adapt to develop

Animal Farm Visit

On Monday this week, our Year 2 classes braved the cold and headed off to spend the day at the Hahndorf Farm Barn. When we first arrived, we had our recess before heading into the barn to meet our hosts for the day. We had some time to pat and feed the baby animals and then it was time for the milking show! We were shown how Daisy the cow is milked each day and we even got to have a turn at milking too! After the milking show, we walked down to the paddock to feed some carrots to the camels and have a play on the playground (and pat the horses). We then had a quick break for lunch before watching the reptile show in the barn and heading back out to the paddock to feed carrots to the deer, do

Are Cats Better Than Dogs?

For two big days, Year 6 students participated in workshops conducted by Debating SA. The workshops introduced students to the basic concepts of debating and guided them through the process of preparing a formal debate. The topic was, ‘that cats are better than dogs’! Students presented at the conclusion of the workshops, receiving constructive feedback from the Debating SA adjudicators. The students’ highlights were: learning how to conduct a formal debate from the beginning to the end, structuring their arguments effectively and convincingly, learning to present persuasive rebuttals and working collaboratively. The presenter from Debating SA was impressed with the high standard of our Year

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