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SAPSASA Athletics

The journey to the postponed SAPSASA Athletics Day finally arrived on Monday 13th May and 25 students from Year 4 through to Year 7 marched out to represent our school with great attitudes, athletic prowess and team spirit. Varying between 100m and 200m sprints, 800m runs and team relays, long jump, high jump, shot put and discus throws, our students competed against 16 other schools in the North East district of Adelaide. Our team was:

The following students received ribbons in their specific events; Zander -2nd in 200m, 1st in 800m, 3rd in Relay Archer – 3rd in Long Jump, 3rd in Relay Khalipha – 3rd in Relay Ashton K – 3rd in Relay Seth – 3rd in Long Jump Alanna – 1st in 200m, 1st in 800m, 2nd in Relay Akoul – 3rd in High Jump, 2nd in Relay Andrea – 2nd in Relay Ayla - 2nd in Relay Gawar – 2nd in 100m Jonah – 2nd in Shot put, 3rd in Discus Abuk – 3rd in 100m

The top competitors from the 17 competing schools have been selected for the Adelaide Athletics Day to be held on Tuesday 21st May. These are students who will now represent the North East District at the “big event” at Santos Stadium. Congratulations go to Anthonette Holmes (Year 4), Zander Lillehagen (Year 4), Alanna Robson (Year 5), Ashton Hong (Year 5) and Gawar Chan (Year 7). Well done to all!

A very special thank you to Mr Hatchard who drove us and was an official for the day, and the parents who supported our students in their endeavours. Mrs Isaac

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