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Choir Performances

Thursday, October 21st was an important day for the Prescott Primary Northern School Choir. In the morning, they presented the musical called ‘Esther-Ordinary Faith’ for Combined Worship and then again in the evening for parents and family members. Through songs and drama, the students told the wonderful story of Queen Esther. The colourful costumes and props were a fitting match for the vibrant and enthusiastic singing from the Choir. We were so proud of all the choir and drama members. Thank you for your hard work and commitment. A big thank- you to:

Mrs Howard for her work with the drama, costumes, props and COVID check in procedures. You think of everything!

Mrs Stackelroth for playing the piano and organising the school band. You are amazing!

The school band for accompanying the songs in Combined Worship. It sounded beautiful!

Mr Koczwara for sound and filming. You’re the best!

Mrs Cowley for the use of some of her props. They looked great!

Prescott Administration for their support of the school choir. We appreciate you!

The main message of the musical was to help us all understand the sovereignty of God and the confidence we can have in trusting Him with the greatest of problems by displaying our own Esther-Ordinary Faith.

Mrs Dianne Jose (Choir Coordinator)

On Sunday, October 31st, dedicated choir members attended the Prescott College Fete. They sang beautifully for all of those enjoying the fun activities and the sunshine. Thank you to everyone who came to support this annual event. See you all again there next year.


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