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Keep Australia Beautiful Week

This week is national Keep Australia Beautiful week, which is a great initiative to encourage us to be responsible for keeping our land clean and beautiful.

Just like last year, Prescott Primary Northern participated in keeping our Nature Play-space and school yard beautiful. The students were armed with tongs and a bucket and were encouraged to find any waste all over the Nature Play-space and School. We then had labelled bins that helped us to not place all the waste into the bin, but sort recyclables, compostables and waste, and placed it into the appropriate bins.

The students were so excited about helping to clean up our yard, with a few asking if we could have the buckets for them to use every day.

We also used this opportunity to make a Don’t Litter poster, and to decorate the nature play rules that we have for our space, to help remind us of what we need to do to keep our own nature play space safe and beautiful. The posters will be put into our nature play space, so see if you can spot them next week. have some family-friendly ideas and resources that every family can easily become involved in. Simply sorting our rubbish into waste, compost and recycling can have a really big impact on the waste we produce.

Have you started a waste system in your house yet? Consider this your friendly reminder to start sorting out your rubbish correctly, always remember to put your rubbish in the bin, and to help keep Australia beautiful.


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