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State Chess Championship

On Monday, a team of 12 chess players, travelled to Tyndale Christian School to participate in the annual STATE Chess Championship. 170 students from 18 schools participated in this competition from all around the State. Schools were invited to present a team, if they had won one of the Interschool tournaments this year. Prescott did an amazing job, finishing equal second place, then on a countback ranking system, came home as third place medal winners! We have never placed in a STATE tournament before, so this was an outstanding result from our little school. Well done to all players, but a special congratulations to Aishwarya, who came second overall and was the top ranking girl player of the day, coming home with a huge trophy and $150 prize money! She is officially now the best Primary School girl player in the STATE! We also congratulate Burnside Primary School for first place and Nailsworth Primary school narrowly defeating us in second.

A great team effort - well done everyone. Chess Club will resume next year in Term 1, Week 3.


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