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Our Communication Commitment

Prescott Primary Northern values respect, and strives to uphold respectful manner in all our interactions.

We are committed to ensuring that our school remains a place where bullying and other harmful communication behaviours are not tolerated.

We encourage staff, students and families to prioritise respectful manner in all interactions by:

  • Considering the impact of our communication behaviours on others

  • Treating others in the way we ourselves like to be treated

  • Apologising when we treat others unkindly

  • Politely addressing disrespectful behaviour if we witness or experience it.

Amongst our team, stakeholders and community we will:

  • have each other’s backs

  • greet each other and say thank you

  • listen to each other’s opinions

  • be open to new ideas

  • behave professionally in all situations

  • consider the impact of our manner

  • treat everyone with respect

  • bring kindness to our words and actions

  • promote trust and fairness

  • demonstrate compassion and care

  • foster inclusivity


Because we care, we won't:

  • ignore requests and business processes

  • make patronising or sarcastic comments

  • jump to conclusions

  • talk about people behind their back

  • criticise people in front of others

  • dominate conversations and interrupt

  • be persistently negative

  • raise concerns in a disrespectful way

  • allow any toxic behaviour

“A soft word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”
Proverbs 15:1

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