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To know, experience and share our hope in Jesus Christ.



Because Your Child Matters, Prescott Primary Northern's mission is to provide a balanced educational program in a caring, Christian environment by preparing the mind for truth, the hands for service and the heart for heaven.



Respect. Integrity. Service. Excellence


"Rise up and shine, for your light has come. The shining-greatness of the Lord has risen upon you." Isaiah 60: 1

God's greatest demonstration of RESPECT is that He gives us free choice. At Prescott Primary Northern, we show RESPECT by honouring other people with an attitude of care and kindness and treating others like we would like to be treated.


God is the ultimate example of INTEGRITY. God's thoughts, words and actions are consistent with His character. At Prescott Primary Northern, we display INTEGRITY by understanding the difference between right and wrong and aiming for right choices, even when it is difficult.


Jesus is the ultimate example of SERVICE to others. The King of the universe took human form and lived a life of selfless service and compassion. At Prescott Primary Northern, we endeavour to treat each other, our families and our community with compassion, through acts of SERVICE.


The EXCELLENCE of God is His moral perfection. As Gods children, we are called to mirror His attributes and character. At Prescott Primary Northern, we aim for EXCELLENCE by doing our best at everything we are asked to do, not because we want honour for ourselves, but because we want to bring honour to God.

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