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Child Protection Policy


Uniform Policy

We believe that when our students wear the uniform correctly they not only represent their school positively in the community, but they also develop a personal sense of pride and self-respect that they can take with them into life beyond school.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to everyone. To see how Prescott Northern is committed to the privacy of students, parents, teachers, staff and anyone that is associated with our schools.

Discipline Policy

At Prescott Primary Northern, we believe in the power of a harmonious and disciplined environment. It’s the secret sauce that makes our institution tick and our society thrive. We’re all about fostering a sense of self-esteem in our students and uplifting our school’s reputation in the community.

Credit Reporting Policy

Sometimes we need to provide information in regard to credit to third party providers. This is our policy and how we handle your information.

More Policies

Coming Soon

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