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It is more blessed to give than to recieve

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

~ Apostle Paul

Not that long ago I met up with a family in our School who shared with me a strategy they had for teaching their child that in everything they had, they needed to look out for those who didn’t have as much. In this manner, every week, together with their child, they would look around their house and decide together on an item that they thought someone else might like to use. After doing so, they would then pile into their car, and take their child to the Salvation Army Donation bin where they would then give away the item they had chosen.

A small act, yet one that has far reaching consequences. For truly when we teach our next generation to look out for those less fortunate, when we model to our children that everyone- no matter what situation in life you find yourself- has something that can bless someone else, then truly, we are on a path to a better world. Sometimes, however, I find we can often get caught in the mindset that “I can only help if I go overseas and volunteer,” or, “I can only give if I go to the shop and buy something new,” however, I would like to challenge you this week to look around at what you already have- be it material or otherwise (time can be just as important a gift as any)- and take a look at how you can bless someone else with it.

As Jesus famously said, “Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for Me.”

May you have a great week modelling to your children the value of giving,

God bless,

Annie Ruthven

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