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A School Where People Matter

It is common these days for schools to highlight their facilities and how these assist in delivering the important curriculum requirements as prescribed by the State. Building programs appear be the norm in all schools as schools scramble to attract potential customers.

Prescott Primary Northern is looking at refurbishing some existing facilities and building new ones. However, recent research has shown that what parents want in their child’s school are a couple of significant things that rate even more highly than new facilities. The first is for a school where parents can raise issues or concerns without being seen as whingers. A place where they can express themselves without being labelled as nuisances or troublemakers.

The second is to have a school where children are valued above the usual rhetoric that is commonly found in all school promotional material. Where teachers take the time to get to know students and are comfortable in communicating with parents as and when the need arises.

Prescott Primary Northern has the above as two of its goals. You can usually tell a lot about a school after spending no more than a few minutes in the office foyer area. A quick tour of the grounds and buildings while classes are operating will give parents a feel for the school ethos. At Prescott Northern, we are working to ensure that people matter, even when families face the usual stresses and challenges that come with living in our fast paced society.

Gavin Williams

Education Director

SDA Schools SA

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