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SAPSASA Metro Athletics

Four of our Prescott students represented the North East District in the Metro Athletics Day on Tuesday 21st May. They competed against the top 18 athletes in South Australia and achieved outstanding results. Well done, Ashton Hong, Alanna Robson, Anthonette Holmes and Zander Lillehagen! Their results have set a new record for Prescott as the first students to compete at Metro Day and bring home medals!

Ashton Hong (Year 5) - Bronze medal in 100m individual FINAL , 4th in Long Jump FINAL (Just missed out on a bronze medal), 6th in 200m individual FINAL, 6th as a fill-in for 13 Year Boys Relay

Alanna Robson (Year 5) - 7th in 200m individual FINAL, 11th in 800m FINAL

Zander LILLEHAGEN (Year 4) - 4th in 800m individual FINAL (Just missed out on a bronze medal), Bronze medal in 4x100m Relay FINAL

Anthonette (Year 4 ) - 5th in 4x100m Relay FINAL

Well done to all!

Mrs Isaac

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