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Year 1 Excursion - Uleybury School Museum

Last Friday, the Year 1 Students had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of history and schools of long ago, by visiting the Uleybury School Museum.

This one teacher school was built in 1856. It was later restored and became a museum in 1971. Mr Phillip Squire, the teacher (actor), took students back in time by reviving aspects of what school was like in the past.

On the day, students were able to participate in a school enviroment of days gone by, play with toys of yesteryear, experience what schools would have been like a hundred years ago, and enjoy the surroundings of a historical school.

Thanks to God, who gifted us with a glorious day, and for the assistance of our dedicated and generous Parents/Guardians and Volunteers. These things enabled everyone to enjoy the day to its fullest.

Ms Ruth Acuna Castro

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