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Developing A Connection To The Natural World

This week, the Year 4 students participated in setting up the new worm farm at Prescott Primary Northern. We discussed the role of decomposers as earth’s natural recyclers.

The important role worms play in the cycles in our ecosystem cannot be underestimated. They break down dead organisms or food scraps into simpler useful materials. Some of these materials are useful for plants to grow. We call them nutrients. When these nutrients are used in the vegetable garden, the vegetable plants take up the nutrients and use them to produce new food crops. These food crops are then ready for us to eat. These food crops are what sustain human life.

Students learnt about the environment worms like to live in and watched as we set up the worm farm. Students will continue to care for our worms by feeding them food scraps and topping up their bedding material. This experience has given our students further connections to the natural world around them.


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