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Exploring Mathematics and Gardening: Year 6 Takes Learning Outdoors

Year 6 students have embarked on an Design and Technology project this week that combines Mathematics with the joys of outdoor learning. This involves vegetable gardening, marketing, and creativity, offering students a unique opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a practical, hands-on environment.

The first stage of this project focuses on Mathematics. Students are tasked with dividing the school's garden into 18 equal areas, where each group will cultivate their own vegetable patch. This real-world application of calculating area and perimeter helps students understand the importance and practicality of these concepts. By working together to measure and mark out the plots, they learn valuable skills in teamwork and problem-solving. A huge thank you to Mr Isaac for helping them do this part!

With their plots defined, students will dive into the gardening aspect of the project. However, today they started by repotting existing plants and learning the art of nurturing young seedlings. An exciting part of this stage involves discovering the vital role of worms in gardening. Students actively search for worms and relocate them to their plots, learning how these tiny creatures aerate the soil and enrich it with nutrients. This practical lesson in biology helps students appreciate the interconnectedness of nature.

But the learning doesn’t stop with Mathematics and gardening. Each group also gets to design their own company logo and create marketing materials for their vegetable patches. This creative exercise encourages students to think about branding and communication, important skills in today’s world. They brainstorm and collaborate to come up with unique and eye-catching designs, bringing an artistic flair to their scientific and mathematical endeavours. So, watch this space as this project comes to life over the remainder of the year.

Stay tuned for more updates as our Year 6 gardeners continue to grow their patches and develop their marketing campaigns. We are excited to see the fruits of their labour and the many lessons they will learn along the way.

Here is a joke from our Year 6 gardening team:

Q: Why did the gardener plant math problems?

A: Because he wanted to grow square roots!


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