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Interschool Chess Competition

A great day was had at Tyndale Christian school on Monday for the Term 2 Interschool Chess Tournament. Six schools participated in the tournament this term. All Prescott players had an exceptional day, helping our school win by a convincing 7 points! Aishwarya remains a challenge for all teams, once again, winning all games and coming home with a lot of gold! It was great to see Charlie and Jap win their first medals ever. Congratulations also to Finley, Cruz and Isabella on their great games and sportsmanship for their first tournaments. As always, I was so proud of our team's genuine sportsmanship and friendliness to players from all schools. Handball games during break times initiated by Prescott players, with all schools invited to join in, is a genuine highlight of the day. Well done, team!

Mrs. Vice


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