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Philippines Service Mission Trip 2023

During the school holidays, 16 of us here at PPN went on a mission trip to the Philippines to help and serve the teachers and the students in Estrella Del Norte Seventh-day Adventist School. With your help and donations, we were able to provide the school with teacher resources like books and school supplies. We were able to bring computers, headphones, mice and styluses for the students and the teachers. We were also able to give monetary donation towards the repair of the classrooms and the teacher dormitory, and the hiring of an additional teacher. All of these will surely have a positive impact on the lives of the students and the teachers in Taytay.

It’s safe to say that we all fell in love not only with Philippine food, but more importantly, we fell in love with the Filipino people. Their hospitality and being able to give so much from the little they have were both beautiful to experience. Everyone has, in a way, taught us to be grateful, resilient and humble. We certainly felt that God was working with us, for us and on us during the trip. We have carried with us so many lifelong lessons and so many beautiful memories. We are all looking forward to see what the school will be like in the future and to further foster the relationship that we have with them. Thank you once more for being a part of this mission.


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