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Sensory Citrus Nature Play

The aroma of zesty citrus enticed students to participate in sensory learning at Prescott Primary Northern this week. Refreshing giggles and jests were shared as excited fingers explored textures colours and different play actions. There was a kaleidoscope of colour to explore, from rich ruby red oranges and grapefruit to yellow sour lemons and shiny green limes. The change of texture of rough pithy rind to soft fleshy centres with juicy segments inside. The joy of discovery and connection to the natural world lifted the mood as students explored the deliciously sweet treats that remind them of what is good to eat.

In this time of restrictions, it is good to remember the simple pleasures within our reach and to get out into nature. So, remember this quote as you move through your day:

“To truly have a zest for life, you must squeeze all the juice out of it…. especially the lemons. Believe it or not, they make life even more delicious. The lessons you get out of them make you strong, resilient, and amazing.” – Jenny G. Perry


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