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The Colour of Change

Autumn is a time when the wind blows, and the leaves fall. It is a feast for the senses for children as they play. The autumn colours of red, orange, yellow and green represent a time of change. A transition from one season to the next. At Prescott Primary Northern, we value time of change. It is a time to reflect, nurture new growth, support and take on new opportunities. As your child grows and changes, they learn many skills and gain new knowledge. At Prescott Primary Northern, they gain this through learning experiences that are rich in opportunities to develop their sense of connection with nature, exploring relationships with their peers in fun and interactive settings, through inquisitive investigation and explicit teaching. Students could use their inquisitive nature to explore Autumn this week with harvested autumn produce, colourful leaves, change of the season natural resources and autumn coloured playdough.

This week, I encourage you to let things go just as trees let their leaves go and embrace change as an opportunity. How beautiful the leaves are as they grow old. How full of colour and light they are. As you dance through the leaves with your child this week find contentment in the small things and embrace each day as they grow and change.


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