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Tony Zappia Visit - Communities Environment Grant

At Prescott Primary Northern, we have been involved in the Communities and Environment Program, which aims to promote and encourage the benefits of sustainable practices. Tony Zappia visited our school this week to view our progress and spend time with students discussing the steps we have taken to be mindful of the way we use organic waste throughout our school. Our school has been steadily working towards the introduction of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to managing organic matter on our site. Year 4 students were involved in the composting project planning and management team in 2020 and their ideas have been put into practice through our composting program. We are currently collecting green waste, dry organic waste and shredded paper to add to our compost system. Students are now using the compost that we have made to enrich the soil in our vegetable garden. Our school utilises organic matter on our school site to improve soil structure, microbial activity, water retention and increase organic matter content in the soil by using the compost we make. Our vegetable garden has thrived with the care and attention from our students. Any food scraps from the garden go directly back into our compost system to keep the cycle going.


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