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Year 3 & 4 SACSA Soccer

On Tuesday 7th June, a selected group of boys and girls from Year 3 and 4 represented our school at the SACSA Soccer carnival held at Kings Baptist Grammar. With 13 schools in our competition, our Prescott students led out and represented us with skills, resilience and pride. When injuries fell on opponents, our students checked on them; when we lost, we lost graciously; and when we won, we did it without boasting.

The final outcomes were celebrated by players, coaches and supporting parents and stand as follows.

Prescott Girls - Won 3, drew 3 and lost 1: Finished 3rd out of 8 schools

Prescott Boys - Won 2 and lost 2: Finished 3rd out of 5 schools

Thank you to our parents who came to cheer our students on. It was a great day to play and "Just be PPN" together.


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