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Year 3 Grange Surf Life Saving Club Excursion

Our Year 3 students went on an excursion to the Grange Surf Life Saving Club last week. This outing was not just about fun in the sun but a valuable opportunity for our young learners to understand the importance of water safety and to acquire strategies for being responsible in the water. The Grange Surf Life Saving Club served as the perfect setting for our students to dive into this essential life skill. The primary goal of this field trip was to instill a deep sense of responsibility and understanding when it comes to water safety.

During the visit, our Year 3 students were given the opportunity to learn about various aspects of water safety, such as rip currents, tide patterns, recognising potential dangers in the water and how to respond appropriately to ensure their safety and the safety of others. The students engaged in interactive discussions with knowledgeable lifeguards who generously shared their expertise and experiences, making the learning process not only informative but also highly engaging. These discussions were complemented by hands-on activities, which allowed our young learners to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Grange Surf Life Saving Club for their warm hospitality and for making this educational excursion a memorable and enriching experience for our students.

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