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Year 5 Camp

In Week 3, our Year 5 classes headed off to Glenhaven Park for our 3-day, 2-night camp.

We had a wonderful time, even though the weather was challenging at times, and we were fortunate to be on the edge of the storm and it only stopped our activities for a short time.

The students participated in a variety of outdoor activities such as archery, initiatives (problem solving), low ropes, high ropes, the Tower Challenge, the Leap of Faith and the Giant Swing.

My favourite part of Year 5 Camp was the Games Night because we had fun, laughed and worked together and had hot drinks at the end of the night. - Syler

The Giant Swing was my favourite part of Glenhaven Park. It used a lot of teamwork and was really fun. I also liked the screaming contest on the Giant Swing. -Kayla

My favourite part was all of the activities because they were very challenging, and it was really fun to achieve them all. -Ekam.

I really loved the Giant Swing because it was a bit scary when you first pull the cord. Then you go really fast and then it doesn’t feel scary. - Liphelo

...the screaming competition and all the “I love you poles!” that you got to say. I actually got to see what it feels like to be strong, courageous and brave. - Isaac

The beautiful views from the Giant Swing – Prabhnoor

Everything was very exciting! - Gem

You got to have fun, even when it wasn’t your turn. - Jaskaran

We got to work in a team. -Rachel


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