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Specialist PE Classes

If you were to walk past the Covered Outdoor Learning Area during the school day, you would see a whirlwind of action. Our specialist PE teacher, Mr Campbell, takes each class for 45 minutes once a week to teach our students new skills and activities. We asked a collection of our students what they enjoyed the most about Specialist PE Classes and here are some responses…

I am enjoying PE lessons with Mr Campbell. I like the game EndZone the most. - Ared 5A

I really enjoy Mr Campbell's lessons because the games are always fun to play. Kara 5A

What I really enjoy about Mr Campbell's PE lesson is that we do fun warm ups. It helps us with our skills. - Allaire 5A

Mr Campbell is very creative and has lots of games for us to play. - Ashton 5A

'The best thing about having PE classes with Mr Campbell is...

- 'playing basketball.' - Shiven FA

- 'bouncing basketballs.' - Ocean FA

'I love PE classes because...

- 'we get to run and jump and skip.' - Gracie FA

-'sometimes we play new games.' - Amreen FA

- 'we do more activities.' - Jasdeesh FA

- 'we get to act like animals and freeze.' - Aesha FA

I love the Target Game that we play for PE. It's lots of fun. Bahni 1B

I really like throwing games, where you have to throw as far as you can. I'm good at that. Charlie B 1B

PE is one of my favourite subjects because it makes you strong and I want to learn new skills so I can be a better player. - Jaskaran 3A

PE is one of my favourite subjects because we play so many games, like basketball and netball, and Mr Campbell has many games to play so we get fit. - Gem 3A

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