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Attracting Birds

We have recently moved up to my parents’ house in Gawler while they travel around Australia. My mum had a ritual that we have also adopted each morning as soon as we wake up - feeding the local pigeons, noisy minors, and magpies wild bird-seed and rolled oats.

It is the highlight of my 1-year-old’s day, spreading the seed out onto the pavers, and quietly watching them fly down and enjoy their morning treat.

This week, our students also got to experience the same joy in observing and feeding the local birds. We worked together, using a poster to help identify the birds found in the schoolyard. Shrieks of joy were heard when they found the rainbow lorikeets racing through the playground to their trees. Some students also helped to make some bird seed blocks, that will be hung in the trees around the playground when they have dried, to help attract more bird life in and around the playground.

I encourage you this week to either observe or feed your local birds to see what birds you have living near you!


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