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Bee and Butterfly Garden

Even though the rain sprinkled, and the sun hid behind the clouds, the Year 5’s continued to work hard, mostly with enthusiasm to finish their Bee and Butterfly Garden project this week.

A few weeks ago, the Year 5’s researched the plants needed to attract native bees and butterflies into our garden to enrich the biodiversity within our school grounds. Through their research, we were able to choose appropriate plants to include in our space. The students then had to prepare the soil, with the incredible compost created at school by the student’s organic food waste. They carefully placed the selected plants and herbs within the space, making sure there was enough distance between plants, and each plant received its appropriate requirements.

The plants we chose included lavender, borage, salvia, buddleia and some native grevilleas.

The garden is now bursting with colour, and it was completed with a drinking dish for the bees and butterflies, and some native bee hotels where hopefully we might see some native bees make their homes. It was wonderful to see some students really involved and helping others who weren’t as confident in a garden.

As I was cleaning up from the students, I saw some very happy visitors already enjoying the beautiful plants that we just planted.


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