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Sensory Play

The benefits of sensory play with children have long been researched and documented. The sensation of running your hands through slimy sticky tapioca, and using it in their play, is evident in the joy and calming play it brings among children. The children at PPN had the chance to play with tapioca this week. They got to pour, mix, stir and squeeze the tapioca pearls once they had been cooked and softened Many students commented on the strange feeling and sensations they felt when emerging their hands into the slimy goodness. A tapioca pearl café emerged, with students offering creations of flowers and tapioca, mixed in with other bits and pieces, and served to others. Although messy play isn’t for the faint hearted, the enjoyment, collaboration and sensory benefits ensure it is a fantastic opportunity for our children to be involved in. Will you try playing with tapioca pearls with your family this week?


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