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Year 6 Woodhouse Activity Centre Excursion

On Monday, the Year 6 team visited Woodhouse Activity Centre to work on our team building and resilience training. It was a long, warm day of tests, trials and a whole lot of fun!

The students all attempted the 30 part obstacle course on Challenge Hill, worked together to solve some very tricky group puzzles, escaped the labyrinth and all spent some time on the Par 3 Disc Golf course.

The teachers (Mr Blyde, Mrs Isaac and Mr Blackeby) were very impressed with the attitude and efforts put in by the students, especially on some of the more challenging obstacles!

"It was an awesome day out with our friends!" - Ashton "I really enjoyed Challenge Hill and getting dirty." - Zander "I think our teachers should get a prize for being amazing!" - Bob "It was a long day but was lots of fun." - Sarina "Mip." - Chloe "I vote Mr Blyde as the coolest." - Braden

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