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Bullying No Way!

What do you get when you cross a sunny Monday morning, 450 + students and a bunch of hula hoops? Why...a whole lot of fun and school spirit is what!

To celebrate this year's Bullying No Way! theme of Growing Connections, the whole of PPN came together as one big family to participate in a gigantic hoop pass challenge.

Students across the year levels stood together, side by side, hands entwined, to connect and recognise the importance of creating a safe and inclusive community. The activity was aimed at helping our student grow their connections by:

  • Creating physical connections by holding hands.

  • Creating emotional connections by using words of encouragement, kind words, helping one another, working as a team, being respectful and being inclusive.

  • Creating spiritual connections by coming together as a whole school to celebrate community and work towards a common goal.

The students rose to the challenge and really showcased their kind and loving spirits.


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