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Creative Writing Group

During Semester 1 a talented group of writers from Yr 5 worked with Mrs Vice once a week to write their own picture book for the Junior Primary students. Writing a picture book sounds easy but they soon learnt that it was not! They worked very hard to write many drafts to make sure their books had an idea that appealed to the young reader, used repetition and rhyme, had examples of onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, and dialogue!

They then spent a considerable amount of their Term 2 holidays drawing and colouring in their pictures. When their books were complete, Mrs Vice uploaded their books onto a book platform and this week they arrived at school. Last Friday the talented young authors read their books to some of the Junior Primary students. A permanent copy of these beautiful books will be in the Discovery Centre for all children to read soon. We encourage parents to come and have a look also. Toby and Japjot who were unfortunately away on this day did an amazing job also. Well done to all students on your amazing efforts, we are very proud of you.


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