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Fizzy Soup Nature Play

Have you ever mixed food colouring and vinegar with bicarb soda? It turns into a delightful colourful fizzy volcano that creates utter joy to the one creating it. This week at PPN, the students got to experiment a little with nature and with science in our Nature Play space.

They created a fizzy soup of coloured water, and flowers. Their faces lit up when they saw the vinegar mix into the bicarb soda, sending it into a bubbly fizz and creating some new colours with the coloured vinegar. This can be easily tried at home, with simple ingredients found in your kitchen. Just mix food colouring and vinegar into a coloured mix, and using a dropper or a spoon, spoon in some bi carb soda to create the bubbly reaction. It is a lot of fun. Will you try a bubbly soup mixture in your house this week?


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