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Nature Play - Bee & Butterfly Garden

I love Spring and watching all of the native bee and butterfly activity going on in my Mum’s beautiful garden. Over the next two weeks the Year 5’s will be planning and planting a bee and butterfly garden. This is part of a grant that we were successful with earlier in the year. Part of the grant was to encourage students to plant a veggie garden or create a biodiverse bee and butterfly garden to help attract vital bees and butterfly life to our school.

This week I visited the Year 5 classrooms to ask for their assistance in planting a native bee and butterfly garden in garden beds. Before we could get outside and plant a garden, we had to do a bit of research to ensure that we were attracting the right bees and butterflies to our garden. The Year 5’s discovered the local butterflies and bees that are usually found in our area, then made a list of plants that we need to buy and plant in our space to create a hub of bee and butterfly activity. We made a note of special bits of information needed to create a safe and inviting space for the bees and butterflies, and started to design a simple garden bed for them. Next week, the students will get a chance to plant the selected plants into our garden space.

Do you have flowers that attract local native bees and butterflies? What plants can you plant at your house to help our pollinators do their important work?


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