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Nature Play Planting

It is not a surprise that vegetable patches in people’s homes and in school communities have become very popular over the past two years. With the ever-changing world and inflation, yummy vegetables are costing us a lot.

This week at Prescott Primary Northern, a number of our junior classes helped plant juicy fruit and vegetables for us to grow for the school community. It was a perfect sunny winter day for us to be outside in the garden. The students were able to assist in preparing the ground with the compost that has been carefully broken down using the left-over scraps from their lunches. They were fascinated to watch the worms wiggle their way around the compost and dig down into the soil. We then dug some holes, planted the plants, and watered them. Now we get to make sure they have enough water and watch them grow delicious green spinach and juicy strawberries.

Have you got room in your backyard for a veggie patch? I encourage you, it is a great family activity to plant some plants and watch them grow together. What will you plant in your garden?


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