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Tomato Town Banquet

Doot Doot! Last week, Mayor Pectin and his assistant, Ms Phenolic Flavonoid visited the Year 4 students of PPN to taste and score the students' tomato-based dishes at the Tomato Town banquet. Tomato Town has been under attack by the dreaded Frog-Wogglers and the munchkins are all trapped inside the city walls, without the possibility of any food deliveries. During Term 3, the Year 4s were tasked with the job of trainee chefs and needed to create a recipe for a healthy dish using tomato as the main ingredient. Since Tomato Town's supermarket Wacky Warehouse had limited supplies, the students had limited ingredients... but plenty of tomatoes! Students prepared all morning before the arrival of the Mayor and his assistant. Preparation included safe food preparation lessons, banquet setup, knife skills and learning the Tomato Town National Anthem!. It was a wonderful day that was enjoyed by all, including Mayor Pectin, Phenolic Flavonoid and the teachers. Well done, trainee chefs!

Warmest regards, Year 4 champions


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