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Winter Rain Nature Play

When it rains, make nature boats and float them in the leftover downpour! One thing my own children have loved doing this winter, is making boats and floating them down the creek, or whatever body of water they can find. It is a favourite family activity to make either a leaf boat, or a seed pod boat and have races to see if their boat will either float or make it first down the creek rapids.

This week, the students at PPN also had the chance to make a boat using natural materials. We used seed pods, bark, leaves, and small sticks to build our boats. They also had a choice of clay or tuff tack to help secure the stick onto the boat. The students raced down into the playground, with many enjoying the activity, often having to find a new way to secure something or help it to float. Some students then went over to the water pump and created a small river to float them down to test their engineering skills. The best part about this activity is that when you are done, most of the materials can be returned back to nature.

Will you make a nature boat with your family this week??

Mrs T Watson


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