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Year 1 Composting Workshop

Compost is a really easy and important way to help reduce landfill and create a nutrient dense soil to help your fruits and vegetables grow. We are lucky to have our own compost system at PPN located in the back of our school. It is fed with the green and brown waste gathered from the food waste and the gardens around the school, and placed into the compost bays where Mr Isaac and team do a fantastic job at ensuring there is the right ratio of brown and green compostable waste. The final product is then used in the various garden beds around the school. This week, the Year 1’s had a composting workshop, where they learnt about what compost is and how to correctly make it. We gathered green waste from their classroom compost bin, went down to the garden and discussed why it is important to have compost, and what we can do with it. We then talked about all the amazing decomposing creatures that live in the compost, including earth worms, and we even had some for the students to see. We then made a worm café for our new worms, filling our boxes with worm base block, carboard, compost mixture and then our worm adults and egg starter box. We then put the food scraps and a compost blanket on the top and put them all together to let our new friends get used to their home. We talked about the worm juice that we can collect, along with the castings to help make our veggie garden grow. The students were so engaged in our workshop today and are excited about watching our worms do their amazing job.


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