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Year 1 Royal Adelaide Show Junior Art, Craft & Textiles Competition

During Term 1, the Year 1 students enjoyed creating various pieces of art work to enter the Junior Art, Craft & Design competition at the Royal Adelaide Show. They include drawings of mandalas, self-portraits / funny faces, imaginary birds and paintings of imaginary tree houses and wonderful places, using warm and cool colours. Then during Term 2 the students experimented with textiles using weaving and different sewing techniques to create ‘God’s Eyes’ and a personalised pencil case.

Each student got to enter their favourite piece of artwork into the show from the semester. On the Friday afternoon proceeding the show Mrs Watson attended the Exhibitions Grand Opening. She was so excited to see all the student’s artworks on display surrounded by artwork from students from other Adelaide schools. All the students received a participation certificate, and nine students were recognized for their outstanding artwork, receiving a Merit Certificate in the Art, Craft & Design section, and seven students received either a First, Second or Third placing ribbon for their texiles work. Many of the students were then excited to attend the show and see their work on display.

As you know the Royal Adelaide Show concluded a few weeks back and the children have been eagerly awaiting to get their entries back and look at the certificates, medals and ribbons they received.

Congratulations to all the Year 1 students, we are so proud of you all.

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