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Year 2 Farm Barn Excursion

On Monday, the Year 2 students went on an excursion to the Hahndorf Farm Barn to consolidate their learning about “Growing and Changing” in Science. The students all had a wonderful day interacting with a range of farm and native animals.

Some highlights of the day included…

  • Milking a cow

  • Feeding carrots to some hungry animals including deer, emus, goats, sheep and even a camel!

  • Bottle-feeding kids (of the goat variety) and lambs

  • Holding rabbits and guinea pigs

  • Observing and learning interesting facts about some reptiles including a shingleback lizard, bearded dragon and woma python. 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience for everyone! The weather was also perfect, which gave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy and marvel at God’s creation using a variety of senses.

A big thank you to the staff at Hahndorf Farm Barn, as well as the parents and bus drivers who helped supervise, but most of all, to our Creator for providing all creatures great and small.


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