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Year 4 Maritime Museum Excursion

"There's a dolphin!" shouted the skipper, pointing out into the waves.

"Where?! Where?!" came shouts, as an excited crew of Year 4 students hurried to the windows as fast as their sea legs could carry them.

On Tuesday 13th June, the three Year 4 classes embarked on an excursion to the SA Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide. They each took turns across 3 activities: The "Encounters" talk taught them about the history of Australia, the First Fleet, and the Aboriginal people and how they used the land. The self-guided tour allowed the groups to explore the museum and its vast array of historical maritime treasures. A firm favourite was the ketch - a large ship indoors that the students could explore.

Lastly, the highlight of the day was the river cruise on Archie Badenoch - an 80-year-old boat that took us for a pleasant cruise along the Port Adelaide river, where we saw old ships, many sea gulls, but very few dolphins.

Despite the occasional shower of rain, this excursion proved to be a very fun and educational experience for all!


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