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Year 4 STEM Robotics Workshop

Today, the Year 4 Stem students travelled to Adelaide University to take part in a Robotics workshop run by ROBOGALS, a group if Engineering and Computer Science students. We learnt how to code our robots to move forward, back, turn, stop at barriers, change direction and move 'arms' before we all participated in a very exciting Robo-battle!

The students then enjoyed a morning tea, supplied by our lovely hosts, who had also arranged a Stem, 'yellow brick road style' hunting quiz around the University through various buildings and grounds. We had a race to see who could answer all the questions but also work collaboratively. The winners even got some drink bottles and stationary packs as prizes. It was a fantastic experience for all involved and we are very grateful to ROBOGALS and our extra parent helper, Mrs Elvin and our bus driver, Danny for coming along too!

Mrs Vice


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