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Young Leaders Day

It’s not often students get to meet an AFLW player, an award-winning author, breakfast radio presenters and Australia’s most famous life-guard in one day, but that’s exactly what our four Student Leaders were able to do last Friday.

As part of the National Young Leaders Day program, Rudra, Savya, Harleen and Sienna spent the day at the Adelaide Convention Centre being inspired by and learning from Australian’s that have achieved great success. But the lessons weren’t about how to be successful – but rather, how to lead successfully so others can experience a better life inside and outside of school.

The presenters on the day included:

- Anthony ‘Harries’ Carrol, life saver and star of Bondi Rescue

- Gemma Houghton, Port Power AFLW player

- Jodie Oddy and Andrew Hayes, Nova 919 Breakfast radio presenters

- Nathan Luff, author of the Nerd Herd series

If you see them around the school, you might like to ask them who their favourite presenter was.


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