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Yr 3 Visit Adelaide Gaol

As a learner bait for our Civics and Citizenship unit next term, our Year 3 students went on an educational trip to the old Adelaide Gaol. This visit brought history to life for them. They got to explore South Australia's rich history and learn important lessons from the past.

The trip allowed our students to travel back in time and understand how life was in the 19th century. They learned about the tough conditions that prisoners had to endure and how our society has changed when it comes to justice and prisons over the years. This also helped them develop empathy. They thought about the lives of the people who were once locked up in the gaol. By hearing stories about the inmates, they could imagine what it was like to live in a different time. This made them appreciate the freedoms they have today. They also had discussions about laws and fairness. They learned about the legal system in the past and how it has become more just in our time. Lastly, our students had a chance to see how we preserve historical places. They learned why it's important to protect our heritage and how places like the Adelaide Gaol help us remember our culture and history.


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